About Me

Yumi Fujii

Yumi Fujii is a reputed blogger and specialist in the field of clean energy. Born in Osaka, Japan, Yumi’s passion for sustainable solutions led her to acquire a degree in Energy Science from Osaka University.

Upon graduation, Yumi made her foray into the clean energy sector, focusing on promoting and exploring various forms of sustainable energy. Recognizing a need for more accessible information on this crucial subject, she initiated her blog, “Yumi’s Clean Energy Compass”.

“Yumi’s Clean Energy Compass” quickly became a go-to platform for those seeking thorough knowledge about clean energy sources, industry breakthroughs, and practical strategies for implementing sustainable energy practices. Yumi’s knack for making complex scientific principles comprehensible has earned her a diverse readership, ranging from clean energy beginners to experienced professionals in the field.

Beyond her blog, Yumi frequently participates in clean energy seminars and forums, sharing her insights and advocating for the widespread adoption of clean energy solutions. She also collaborates with various clean energy companies and research institutions, offering her expertise to help shape the future of the clean energy sector.

In her spare time, Yumi enjoys nature walks and practicing yoga, activities that reflect her commitment to environmental conservation. Yumi Fujii is more than just a blogger; she is a fervent advocate for clean energy, committed to enlightening the public about sustainable energy solutions through her engaging and informative blog posts.


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